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Open Account

An Open Account is the most comfortable way for buying at the KPR. You send us money before ordering anything - whenever you want to place an order, your order will be charged against your Open Account Balance immediately. This means that we do not need to wait until payment is received before commencing with your order, and your order can be packed and shipped immediately. You may add funds on your Open Account any time, by using any of the accepted payment methods.

Anytime you want to add funds to your Open Account, type your personal number in order for us to identify the purpose of your payment. We can then add funds to your Open Account as soon as your payment is received. There are no limits for adding funds to your Open Account. The balance on your Open Account you may use as soon as your funds have been added.

If you wish to pay your order by using your Open Account Balance, just notify us with the following message: "My order will be paid using my Open Account Number. XXXXXXX" Your order will be charged as soon as it is processed and it will be dispatched immediately as soon as it is packed.

Note: Using an Open Account will save you money on fees for money transfers. You only need to transfer your money once to your Open Account and pay your orders from this account as many times as you require.

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